The difference Between a Smart and Digital TV

The difference Between a Smart and Digital TV

Key Difference: A Smart TV can access the internet via Wi-Fi, whereas a normal TV cannot. A Smart TV may also have the ability to run apps that come built into the TV.

for a better clarification see the table below:

Smart TV Normal TV
Description A television that has access to the internet, hence is ‘smarter’ than a normal TV. A basic television that allows one to view images and listen to sounds, i.e. watch videos.
Functionality Hybrid between TV and computer Basic TV
Internet Access the internet Cannot access the internet
Web Browser Often has a web browser Usually does not have an inbuilt web browser
Wi-Fi Needs Wi-Fi for its features Does not need or access Wi-Fi
Built in Apps Had built in apps Does not have built in apps
Streaming Can stream content/videos Needs additional equipment(android box) to stream content
Touchscreen May have a touchscreen Typically does not have a touch screen


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